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Marble Eternal Gold creates an imposing aura of eternal and timeless design. As its name suggests, the slab is timeless in its tonal palate, and elegant in its design. With tones ranging from intense coppers and golds to the softest greys and purist ivories, Marble Eternal Gold is not only an authentic replica of Calacatta marble but provides you with a design that is timeless and unchanging. Throughout the stone, the creamy alabaster base is beautifully fragmented with snatches of greys and rays of bronze, gold and brass accents, helping bring the stone to life and creating a depth that encapsulates your visual and tactile senses. The irregular streaks of marble atop of the alabaster base creates a design that is both timeless, traditional and precious, but with no functional compromises.

Avaiable in A & B slabs (Vein matched)

Material Finish Price Range
Porcelain Matte
Slab Sizes
Length Width Thickness
3200mm 1600mm 12mm
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