Waterjet Cutting Service

We are not only granite and marble benchtops specialists at Precision Stone, we offer precision waterjet cutting services too.

Our technicians can be trusted to cut detailed and intricate designs in almost any material with extreme accuracy.

With one of the latest GMM Techni waterjet machines in New Zealand, Precision Stone offer a full waterjet service with cutting of up to 60 degree on 5 axes with a maximum cutting area of 1700mm x 3700mm.

The versatility of waterjet cutting enables us to cut just about any material, all metals, non-toughened glass, granite, porcelain, concrete, plastics, rubber, foam, composites and more.

Waterjet utilises a very fine cutting stream, or kerf, and this combined with no heat affected zone, enables tight nesting of only 1mm apart. In today’s world of high-priced raw materials and limited resources, waterjet’s small kerf and part-on-part nesting capabilities ensure maximum material yields, therefore increasing cost-effectiveness.

Waterjet is a cold cutting process so there is no heat affected zone. This means no warping or surface hardening, and no grinding required for weld preparation.

We can work with your drawings or create CAD files for you from sketches or patterns. Waterjet is ideal for low volume one-offs, prototypes and fine intricate shapes.


Contact us today to discuss yout waterjet cutting project.

Our Services

  1. 1

    Struggling to cut your tiles or need a large amount resized?
    Precision Stone can waterjet cut your ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles to fit your project. We can cut custom stair noising that match your floor tiles and even cut company logos and elaborate motifs into foyer and entryway tiles.

  2. 2

    Garden screens in corten steel, garden art, house numbers, the possibilities of waterjet cutting for steel is endless. Cutting stainless steel without heat dones not change the appearance of the steel.

  3. 3

    We cut and install stone benchtops on our waterjet for our own business and also offer contract slab cutting for your own project.

  4. 4

    Contact us for any contract plastic or acrylic cutting requirements you have.

    We offer a waterjet cutting service to signwriters too.